Dear Basketball Coach,

hat if there was a way for YOU to learn directly from the top high school coaches in the nation?

Folks who've won multiple state championships and sent dozens of their players on to full ride scholarships. Wouldn't that be cool?

You could learn all their most jealously guarded secrets for planning practices, motivating players, and building a top-notch program that's successful year after year.

You could make photocopies from their playbooks, and discover their favorite "go-to" drills for shooting, passing , ballhandling, rebounding and defense.

In short, you could discover all their winning strategies and techniques, then bring that knowledge back to your OWN gym to use with YOUR team.

Can you imagine how quickly your basketball IQ would skyrocket? And how much better your kids would play?

Well, it turns out, I've made arrangements so you can do just that... with the help of an incredible new resource for basketball coaches...

The Vault is the result of a four year project to compile the most treasured tips, tricks and insider secrets from the "front lines" of amateur basketball.

Keep in mind, this is not some "Ivory Tower" professor's theory on what might work with a real team.

Every Technique Comes From A Real-Life, Flesh and Blood, "In The Trenches" Coach Just Like You!

Coaches who deal with the everyday stresses of parents, administrators and "day jobs." Just like you.

Coaches who occasionally hold practice in a crappy gym with short-handed staff. Just like you.

Coaches who aren't always blessed with Blue Chip talent, and have to work a little magic to stay competitive year after year. Just like you.

Some of them coach boys. Some coach girls.

Some of them come from tiny schools in the sticks… some from big city urban schools… and some from the 'burbs.

Some of them have decades of basketball experience, and some are relatively new to the game.

But they all have one thing in common.

Banner Swinging From The Rafters

That's right. Each and every one of these coaches has taken their team to "State" -- and come home with the first place hardware. Some of them have done it multiple times in fact.

So who are these coaches?

There are exactly 99 of them in total. I won't bore you with a full list of all their names, schools, and resumes. But I will give you a few sample bios so you understand what kind of basketball royalty we're talking about. For example…

The USA Basketball committee member from North Carolina who's racked up six straight State Titles
The 2-time Illinois Coach of the Year who just finished a 30-3 season
The Texas coaching legend with 15 State Titles and more than 1,100 career wins
The New Mexico "offensive genius" with nine 20+ win seasons
The New York City Coach of the Year who's sent 14 athletes onto full scholarships in the past 3 seasons.

And so on. You get the idea.

Now It's Time For These Living Legends To
"Open The Kimono" And Reveal Their Most
Valuable Coaching Secrets To YOU!

Each one of these 99 coaches was asked to share a small selection of their "go-to" tactics. To take their most effective plays and drills -- ripped directly from their own personal coaching notebooks -- and break them down with simple instructions that ANYONE can understand.

And boy did they deliver!

In the end, we had four complete volumes -- 407 pages of content in all -- jam packed with championship-PROVEN basketball coaching strategies!

Here's a small sample of the specific techniques you'll learn.

Man to Man Offense

  • The "Spread" offense used by a 3-time Indiana state champion with a 468-125 all time record (Vol. 1, pg. 5)

  • How to run the Flex Offense, step by step. Learn the best way to get post-ups, flex cut layups, back door cuts, middle penetration finishes and dishes, offensive rebound advantages, penetrate and kick 3-pointers, and skip passes for open shots! (Vol. 1, pg. 103)

  • A super-effective "Cutter" play that gets your 2-man a wide open jumper from the top of the key! (Vol. 3, pg. 15)

  • The "Money" quick hitter set that's PERFECT for end of quarter situations. (Vol. 3, pg. 77)

  • A tricky "Euro Three" play that forces the defense to collapse into the paint and ignore your best shooter. Gets you a wide open three pointer when you really need one! (Vol. 4, pg. 80)

  • Basic pick and roll plays to get your perimeter players attacking the basket. (Vol. 4, pg. 94)

Practice Planning and Coaching Strategy

  • Why traditional "conditioning drills" can be a waste of time -- and what you should be doing instead (Vol. 1 pg. 12)

  • How to manage your practice length to maximize focus and intensity! (Vol. 1, pg. 80)

  • An "attitude points" system that rewards hard work and hustle, while creating camaraderie and respect between teammates (Vol. 2 pg. 65)

  • 6 keys to a high-scoring offensive philosophy (Vol. 2, pg. 54)

  • The 3-time Texas State Champion's secret to creating a winning culture in your basketball program! (Vol. 3, pg. 4)

  • 4 unbreakable rules that your coaching staff and players should live by. (Vol. 3, pg. 33)

  • The 21 traits of a "total" basketball player. Emphasize these skills and you'll see a sudden and dramatic improvement in the way your kids play! (Vol. 3, pg. 74)

  • The "last one, best one" secret to maintaining your players' concentration for the ENTIRE practice. (Vol. 4, pg. 20)

  • 19 keys to developing an aggressive man to man defense. (Vol. 4, pg. 66)

Zone Offense

  • How to use "Diamonds" to tear massive holes in a 2-3 defense, and get wide open looks from the high post and short corner! (Vol. 1, pg 40)

  • How to break down and teach zone offense using a player responsibilities chart (Vol. 2, pg. 11)

  • A simple (but wickedly effective) "Sweep" play that pins the zone defenders under the rim, and gets your 5-man an easy layup. (Vol. 2, pg. 77)

  • How to install and run the "Swing" zone offense, step by step! (Vol. 3, pg. 11)

Full Court Pressure and Press Breakers

  • The most reliable way to break a full court man to man press (Vol. 1, pg. 59)

  • The 3 best times to spring a full-court trap. (Vol. 3, pg. 30)

  • An incredible full-court play that allows you to go from baseline to baseline (and get a high-quality shot) in just 3 seconds! (Vol. 4, pg. 40)

Inbounds Plays

  • The "Line" baseline inbounds play that gets your big man a great look from the low block. HINT: keep the ball up high for an easy layup! (Vol. 1, pg 18)

  • The best baseline inbounds play to run against a zone. Uses a great misdirection at the 3-point line to over-commit the defense, then a nifty little backscreen for an easy layup! (Vol. 1, pg. 20)

  • "Sideline Stack" - a clever inbounds play that'll free up your guards for an isolation drive to the hoop. (Vol. 2, pg. 71)

  • The "33" set -- gives you two great opportunities for high percentage shots (Vol. 4, pg. 5)

  • A "Squeeze" sideline play that uses a "trapdoor" double screen to get your best shooter a wide open three (Vol. 4, pg. 75)

Defensive Drills

  • A "Bump the Cutter" drill that's great for developing interior toughness and training your kids to protect the paint (Vol. 1 pg. 27)

  • How to develop quick feet and quicker rotations using the "5 on 3 Scramble Drill." (Vol. 1, pg 50)

  • How to run a 1-3-1 Zone - including step by step reads, rotations and reminders for your players (Vol. 1, pg. 52)

  • The absolute best drill for developing mental toughness and perseverance on defense. (Vol. 2, pg. 35)

  • An amazing "Kamikaze Charge" drill that teaches your players the safest, most effective way to draw an offensive foul! (Vol. 2, pg. 73)

  • An 8-minute "Cutthroat" drill that that teaches defensive responsibility in the halfcourt -- while giving your team a healthy dose of competition and game-like intensity! (Vol. 3, pg. 75)

  • The best "small-sided" drill for improving your defensive rotations -- so your kids learn to see the ball AND their man at all times, and work seamlessly with their teammates to protect the basket! (Vol. 4, pg. 37)

  • Proven strategies for defending the screen and roll. (Vol. 4, pg. 47)

  • A unique "Hustle Scrimmage" drill that rewards the DEFENSE for deflections, box outs, loose ball recoveries and charges. (Vol. 4, pg. 79)

Transition Drills

  • A fun, competitive "Cobber" drill that's guaranteed to get your kids pumped up and ready to practice! (Vol. 1, pg. 95)

  • How to improve fast break communication with a fun "5 on 3 plus 2" drill (Vol. 2, pg. 3)

  • A full court passing drill that immediately develops better court awareness. (Vol. 2, pg. 70)

  • "Georgetown Transition" -- trains your players to push the ball up court using the pass instead of the dribble. (Vol. 3, pg. 20)

  • A "UCLA" full court drill that focuses on chinning the ball on a rebound, v-cuts, outlet passes, and finishing with contact. This one's sure to be a player favorite! (Vol. 4, pg. 55)

  • How to create a highly competitive practice situation that stresses passing and catching in motion, defensive recovery from the weakside, and scoring under pressure (Vol. 4, pg. 102)

Rebounding Drills

  • A super-intense "Meatgrinder" drill that combines post moves, rebounding, outlet passing and conditioning (Vol. 1, pg. 57)

  • How to train your rebounders to snatch the ball off the rim and push the ball upcourt with an aggressive outlet pass (Vol. 3, pg. 93)

  • A "Block Out and Break" drill that combines offensive rebounding, blocking out, and transition skills in a fun way your players will LOVE! (Vol. 4, pg. 2)

  • A 30-second rebounding drill that immediately gets your players in a competitive frame of mind. Break this one out whenever you feel your practice intensity lagging! (Vol. 4, pg. 15)

Ballhandling and Passing Drills

  • A "Bengal" drill series that forces your players to move the ball around the court, without dribbling! Great for reinforcing the value of hard cuts and ball movement. (Vol. 3, pg. 26)

  • The "Pipe and Alley" drill -- emphasizes dribbling, passing and decision making under game-like speed and intensity. (Vol. 3, pg. 47)

  • An 8-player passing drill (inspired by the Chinese national team) that trains your athletes to cut at full-speed, while delivering strong, accurate bounce, chest and over-the-head passes. (Vol. 4, pg. 60)

  • The ultra-competitive 3-minute "Weave" drill that incorporates passing, dribbling, moving without the ball, shooting, boxing out, and one on one play. (Vol. 4, pg. 75)

Shooting Drills

  • The "B.E.S.T shooter" practice drill that trains your kids to make shots from the B.ank, E.lbow, S.hort Corner and T.hree. (Vol. 3, pg. 1)

  • A fun full court shooting progression that helps your kids make shots under pressure, even when they're dead tired. Guaranteed to improve your shooting percentage in the fourth quarter of games! (Vol. 3, pg. 45)

  • A 5-step drill series that combines form shooting, short bankers, catch and shoots, contested shots, and fatigued shots. Taught by a Virginia shooting "guru" with more than 557 career wins! (Vol. 4, pg. 7)

  • Want to get a lot of shooting reps in a short amount of time? This "Weave Shooting" drill gets your players dozens of high-quality jumpers in just 5 minutes flat! (Vol. 4, pg. 27)

  • The best way to get your players practicing "game speed" shots. (Vol. 4, pg. 42)

And a whole lot more.

Each coach's section begins with a short bio and explanation of their coaching philosophy. From there, we'll dig into the nuts and bolts - detailed drill and play descriptions, complete with step by step diagrams and coaching tips.

Want to see a sample? Check out the preview below! (It's 6 pages long. You can zoom in and scroll down to see everything in more detail)

And remember, the entire package is broken down into bite-sized segments that are easy to digest, just like the sample above. So you can learn the material at YOUR own pace... on YOUR own schedule.

And here's what makes this a total no-brainer. The entire package -- all 4 volumes chock full of championship proven drills and plays -- is presented in downloadable eBook format.

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No shipping and handling costs. No endless days waiting for your material to arrive in the mail. You can get cracking into The Vault tonight, and start using these strategies at your very next practice!

As soon as your order is securely processed, we'll direct you into our members area, where you can download the files in PDF format. You can read through the material on your computer and print out the pages you want. Or, transfer the files to your eReader, smartphone, or tablet and bring it right to practice!

So What's A Resource Like This Worth?

This incredible compilation of drills, plays and coaching strategies is so unique, so rare, and so valuable, it's hard to put a real dollar figure on it.

Let's say you had the personal connections to get in touch with all these State Champion coaches, and could somehow convince them to spill the beans and show you their most treasured basketball coaching secrets.

How long would it take to pull all of it together? To locate and interview the coaches, copy down their instructions, create the diagrams, and organize it all in a simple way you could actually use?

100 hours? 200 hours? 500 hours?

Even if you figure your time is only worth 10 bucks an hour, that's somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 in real world value right there.

Let's look at it another way.

Many of these coaches are fixtures on the national clinic circuit. You could go see them in person, take down notes like a banshee, then compile it all to create your own collection of championship-proven drills and plays.

You'd probably need to attend 5-10 full clinics to get 407 pages of notes. Add up your clinic entry fees ($100 a pop), airfare, meals, and travel expenses, and you're easily talking $2,500 or more.

So, when you really start to dig into it, charging two or three hundred bucks for this collection would actually be quite the bargain.

But I'd never expect you to spend that kind of dough.

Listen. I'm an amateur coach just like you. I know you don't have a secret stash of "basketball education funds" saved up for an investment like this. If you're lucky, you can beg and borrow a few bucks from your Athletic Department.

Or, more likely, this is coming out of your own pocket.

The 99 coaches who contributed to "The Vault" didn't do it for the money either. They were happy to share their basketball knowledge to benefit the next generation of coaches, and help more kids succeed in the game we all love.

So for a limited time, I decided to set the price extremely low - just $97 $67 for the entire collection. Less than a decent pair of basketball sneakers. Click here to place your secure order now!

But Wait, It Gets Even Better!

To celebrate the Internet release of The Vault, and reward coaches who take action TODAY, I'm going to throw in four additional bonus resources, valued at $96.90!

Here's a quick rundown:

Bonus #1: Basketball and The Art of War

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military leader who lived from 544 to 496 BC. His "Art of War" is probably the most important work on strategy and leadership ever written. And now, you can apply Sun Tzu's approach… on the basketball court!

"Basketball and The Art of War" is a nine page mini-report that takes Sun Tzu's most important strategic principles and translates them into simple, straightforward tactics you can use with your basketball team.

You'll learn...

  • How to create massive scoring runs and bury your opponents by seizing the momentum of the game

  • How to distribute playing time between your starters and reserves… while giving all athletes a chance to earn more minutes

  • How to develop an "up-tempo" coaching philosophy that "unites the upper and lower ranks in purpose"

  • How to earn support for your program from administrators, parents, teachers, fans, and community members

And a lot more.

Bonus #2: Prolific Scoring Offense

Discover the simple secrets to a high-scoring offensive system! This incredible report features 37 step by step offensive plays explained with clear instructions and detailed diagrams.

Here's a small sample:

  • Wing isolation: How to create high percentage scoring opportunities by isolating your 2 or 3-man from the wing position. Learn simple ways to get a wide open three, 1 on 1 clear out, pick and roll, or drive and kick!

  • Low post isolation: Want to flex your power game? Discover four proven tactics to get your best low post scorer isolated on the block, including mid-gap baseline cut, strong post up, weak side flash, and drive and lob!

  • Transition fast break: Learn five killer strategies for attacking the basket in transition, and getting great looks for your best scorers!

Plus… the best zone offense to use… how to create great matchups for your point guard to exploit… out of bounds plays that really work… and a whole lot more!

Bonus #3: Devastating Pressure Defense

Devastating Pressure Defense is an 89 page report that shows you exactly how to install and execute 30 stunningly effective pressure defensive sets -- all explained with step by step instructions and detailed diagrams.

You'll learn 11 killer full court presses, plus 19 additional trapping sequences for your half court defense. So you can dominate your opponents with overwhelming ball pressure, traps, and pass denial!

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn…

  • The best court locations to spring a trap. Do this right and you're almost guaranteed to force a turnover.

  • How to use the press to create high possession games and score easy baskets. Scoring 100 points in a game will be "just another day at the office!"

  • The 6 C's of Pressure Defense -- simple concepts to transform your team into an fearless defensive juggernaut!

  • The exact body mechanics that create an overwhelming trap. Learn precisely where each player's hands, feet and torso should be placed to maximize the effectiveness of the trap, and give your kids the best chance for a steal!

  • How to make a passing lane "appear" to look open - then time your break for a brilliant interception. Boom! Easy layup at the other end.

  • How to position your defenders to snag every rebound.

  • The best way to communicate your defensive set to your players and eliminate confusion. So you can seamlessly change defenses in a snap, without wasting a precious timeout!

  • How to evaluate your players' defensive performance and give constructive feedback (printable report card template included!)

And a lot more.

Bonus #4: Practice Drills For Up-Tempo Basketball

ATTENTION: You do NOT need "natural athletes" to become an aggressive, fast-paced team!

This collection of 29 drills will help your team become masters of the up-tempo style of play, so you can play a more aggressive brand of defense, push the ball at every opportunity, and have more FUN on the court!

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn…

  • 5 on 5 on 5 full court drill

  • Triangle and arc rebounding drill

  • Steal from behind drill

  • Scramble ball drill

  • 2 on 2 trap drill

  • 3 on 3 full court transition drill

  • Scramble shell drill

  • Grimace drill

  • Nebraska drill

  • Sideline fast break drill (after free throws)

  • Early offense drill

And a lot more…

These bonuses alone could easily sell for $96.90 together.

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Coach Pat Anderson

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2. The Vault: Volume 2 - 89 pages ($39.95 value)
3. The Vault: Volume 3 - 102 pages ($39.95 value)
4. The Vault: Volume 4 - 106 pages ($39.95 value)
5. Basketball and The Art of War - 9 pages ($10.00 value)
6. Prolific Scoring Offense - 22 pages ($19.95 value)
7. Devastating Pressure Defense - 89 pages ($39.95 value)
8. Practice Drills For Up-Tempo Basketball - 28 pages ($27.00 value)
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