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In The Next 7 Minutes You Will Learn…

How to develop an army of ultra-confident shooters who can knock down jumpers from anywhere on the court
Over 83 all-new stunningly effective drills, tips, and "quick learn" coaching strategies that work for ALL ages and competitive levels
How to transform even the clumsiest brick thrower into a smooth shooting long-range bomber… practically overnight!
How to spot and correct common shooting mistakes… just by analyzing your player's missed shots
The #1 mistake your kids are making with their hand position and grip. (It sabotages their shot before they even release the ball!)

And much, much more.

Here's the best part: Use these techniques and I GUARANTEE your team will be shooting 80% from the free throw line, 60% from the field, and 40% from the 3 point line.

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From: Coach Pat Anderson

Dear Coach,

I'm going to try something very different here.

All the marketing experts tell me I'm supposed to hit you over the head with some outrageous marketing hype if I have any hope of "selling" you this Sureshot Shooting program.

Well, I hope those marketing experts are all wrong... because I'm about to break all their rules.

You see, I figure this is a letter among friends. The only people who are going to see this are members of my "e-hotlist." And - odds are - at one time or another we've chatted on the phone or exchanged emails.

So I'm going to treat you like a friend here - and that means I'm going to leave out all the hype those marketing folks tell me to put in and just stick to the facts.

But first… a quick warning.

Why You Should NOT Buy
This Training Program…

There are probably a few coaches out there looking for some kind of "secret sauce" they can just pour over their team and be instantly transformed into the LA Lakers.

If that's what you're looking for - no offense - but this is not for you

Like I said above, there's more than 83 killer drills and coaching tips included in this package. And if you take the time to study the techniques… teach them to your kids in practice… and reinforce them throughout the season, you WILL see the results I've promised.

"Sureshot Shooting" is for serious coaches (or serious beginners) who know that it takes work and knowledge to succeed on the basketball court.

If you're willing to put in just a little bit of effort, then I guarantee your team will be lighting up the scoreboards (and blowing out your competition) by this time next month.

And if - for any reason at all - it doesn't work for you,

I'll Pay For It Out
Of My Own Pocket!

Let me explain.

The program is delivered to you as a 4-part online video clinic covering everything you need to increase your team's shooting percentage and jumpstart your offensive production.

The first video is called "Sureshot Shooting: The Basics." This is where we take it down to brass tacks, and show you exactly how to teach pro-level shooting mechanics from the ground up.

From footwork… to balance.. to timing and follow through… it's all here, and explained with 15 dummy-proof drills and 24 simple practice principles that work for all ages and ability levels. 

Video #1:
"Sureshot Shooting: The Basics"

Here's a preview of what's included:

How to a develop top notch shooting form in just 4 minutes with a simple "L and T" technique. It's brain-dead easy to learn… even if you've never coached before!
The EXACT point on the rim your kids should aim for on every shot… and why this immediately translates into a higher shooting percentage
A little-known "15-inch rule" that guarantees your players are set and balanced before the shot. (Master this simple technique and your kids will IMMEDIATELY start knocking down more jumpers)
A "short shot" game that trains your kids to use their legs and follow through on every shot (works like gangbusters for players of ALL ages)
The 5 most critical shooting drills for offensive success. Get ready to light up your competition with an unstoppable barrage of jumpshots from every spot on the floor!
The best way to train your kids to finish around the basket with the right hand OR left hand. (makes your players TWICE as dangerous in the paint!)
BONUS TIP: How to build a team culture that strives for perfection in practice (this is the biggest difference between winning and losing teams- and it's 100% in YOUR control as a coach).

And a lot more...

Your second video covers one of the most critical (yet overlooked) components to your offensive attack: free throw shooting.

Inside this 34 minute video, you'll learn the 5 simple steps to foul shooting success… including loads of easy to learn tips and drills to help your kids become more confident and consistent from the line.

Video #2:
"Foul Shooting Fundamentals"

Here's a preview of what's included:

The easiest way to win 3… 4… even 5 EXTRA games this season… without changing your game strategy or substitution pattern
A simple acronym that immediately gives your players more confidence and success at the free throw line.
What's important to correct in your players pre-shot routine (and what you should tolerate or ignore).
How to calculate the "magic" number of free throws your kids should make at each and every practice (HINT: it's based on their age and skill level)
The absolute best way to incorporate foul shooting into your regular daily practice plans. This simple technique prepares your shooters to make critical free throws in tight game situations… even when they're dead tired!
How to track your shooting progress throughout the season (most coaches aren't measuring this properly).
A jealously guarded "mirror drill" that dramatically improves your player's "mental mechanics" at the line. This one drill alone will boost your team's free throw shooting by 11 -17%... with almost no effort at all!
3 easy drills to improve follow through technique. Two of them can be done at home… all you need is a basketball and 5 feet of empty space!

And a lot more...

The third video is called "3 Point Shooting Workout." Inside, you'll discover an easy step by step method for training your players to drain more shots from downtown.

You get it all… warm-up drills… mechanics… how to knock down threes against a zone… in transition… off a catch and shoot… off the dribble… and much, much more. 

Video #3:
"3 Point Shooting Workout"

Here's a preview of what's included:

The exact number of MADE shots you should demand of your shooters during practice (and how to turn "off days" into the most constructive practices of the season).
What to do when a player's elbow naturally pops out during the shooting motion (it's easy to fix, once you discover this simple trick!)
The correct way your players should position their feet when shooting the three. Instantly "nails down" their trajectory and prevents missing the hoop left or right!
How to prepare your team to respond when their bodies are fatigued in the 4th quarter (this simple adjustment eliminates 1/3 of their misses due to exhaustion).
The one thing your shooters should NEVER do before practice.
2 simple techniques smaller shooters can use to get the ball off quickly against a tall defender

A HUGE mistake coaches make when structuring their 3 point shooting drills. Stop it now and do this instead!

The #1 reason your shooters lose concentration during their 3 point shot (they probably won't own up to this, but it's the truth, and it's easy to fix...)

And a lot more...

We could easily end it right there… and you would already have everything you need to transform your team into an offensive powerhouse.

But with the direction the game is taking right now, I feel like we need a little extra attention paid toward your three point shooting game.

That's why we decided to include a special 4th video, called "3 Point License" as an exclusive limited time bonus!

It's 23 minutes long... and jam-packed with 13 killer 3-point shooting drills and coaching tips... all demonstrated with easy step by step instructions.

This is like super-charging your game with "rocket fuel." Every kid on your team will become a lights-out 3 point shooter... and you'll be nailing long range bombs from every spot on the floor!

Video #4: 
"3 Point License"
(Limited Time Bonus)

Here's a preview of what's included:

How to increase your shooters' skills and confidence with a neat little "3 Point License" test
The easiest way to stretch the defense using your 3 point shooters (having them on the court is not enough).
  How to clearly communicate court roles and responsibilities to your players. After just 1 practice your team will know which players should shoot, and which players should swing the ball.
The best way to prepare your kids to knock down shots coming off screens (this is the trickiest game scenario to simulate in practice).
How to train your shooters to ready themselves "on the pass" - so they can get off a balanced, high percentage shot in the quickest time possible
A quick and easy daily workout plan for your 3 point shooters (works great in the off-season)

And much more...

Just think of how much fun it'll be to light up the scoreboards with a dazzling display of offensive firepower… every time your team hits the floor.

And how good it'll feel when the wins start piling up.

Your players will LOVE playing for you… and their parents will greet you like a Roman war hero every time you step into the gym.

And don't be surprised if some of your fellow coaches start spying on your practices… and trying to steal your drills (it's happened to me before!)

Here's what other coaches are saying:

"We Won Our Division!"

"As a first time coach (fourth grade boys) I needed drills that would build the kids skills quickly. The drills and plays give you an easy way to look like you know what you're doing. In the end we won our Division and our 37 team tourney!"

Coach Greg Entler
Columbus, Oh
Immaculate Conception Rams

"Showed Me Which Fundamentals
To Work On At Practice!"

"Showed me which fundamentals to work on at every practice, and how to incorporate new concepts. For inexperienced coaches, it's a good introductory how to. And it has good info for the more experiencced coach looking for new ideas."

David Coenen
7th grade Appleton North
Girls Tournament Team
Appleton, WI

"Undefeated! Rotary League Champions!"

"Your system is easy to follow, and included great ways to teach fundamentals.

The kids love all the different drills. We went undefeated and won the Rotary League championship!"

Alejandro Burciaga
Oxnard, CA

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By now, you're probably wondering

How Much Is This Training
Program Going To Cost?

Less than you might think.

Remember, we're talking about 4 top-notch videos that cover EVERYTHING you need to know about shooting the basketball.

If I sold these individually, they'd go for at least $40.00 each… maybe more. So your total investment would be $160.00.

As an a e-hotlist member, you'd probably get them at a discount… say $30.00 a piece. Making your investment around $120.00 for the package.

And that would be an absolute bargain too - especially considering how many proven drills and techniques are jam-packed into each video.

But you're not going to pay $160.00… or $120.00… or even $100.00 for this incredible 4-part package.

If you order today, your special price is only $69! That's just $17.25 per video… an incredible deal by anyone's standards.

Or, for your convenience, you can split your payments into 3 monthly charges of only $25. It's up to you.

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Everything is available today as a special "online video clinic," which means you can be learning all of these secrets

Just 90 Seconds From Now!

After your secure order is processed, you'll be immediately taken over to our members area where you can get instant access to all 4 videos.

They'll play right over your computer screen, and you don't need any special programs or  equipment. It's easy as pie (even if you're totally clueless about computers).

And you don't risk a penny, because you're covered by this incredible guarantee! 

My Exclusive 80/60/40
"Shoot The Lights Out"

Here's the deal. You can order this entire clinic package, watch the videos, master all the secrets, and use the drills and tips for 2 whole months.

And if, after trying these techniques, your team isn't shooting:

80% from the free throw line
60% from the field
40% from the three point line

Then you'll get a complete refund with no hassles and no questions asked.

And, as my gift to you just for trying...

You Can Still Keep All
The Material For Free!

That's how confident I am that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team. Click here to place your secure order now!

There are no wiggle clauses here. And no questions asked either.

You don't need to send me game footage... or statistical printouts... or any "proof" at all. Just shoot an email to support[at] and say "gimme a refund" and either me or my assistant Mary will send the cash back to your account right away.

You have no risk whatsoever, so go ahead and order now!

One last thing before I go.

Please forgive me, but I'm a bit nervous about offering this crazy guarantee for too long. I'm not worried about guys like you. I trust your judgement and know you'd never try to intentionally rip me off.

But there are some folks out there who might take advantage of this deal and try to put me in the poorhouse.

So... my accountant is insisting that we only offer

An Extremely Limited Number Of
Slots For This Online Clinic

This letter is going out to members of my "e-hotlist" only. You won't see this in any magazines… on any other websites… or advertised on TV either.

Still, I have a feeling the demand for this is going to be huge - so I'm cutting it off at just 300 coaches.

That's about 5 coaches for each of the 50 states… plus another 50 for Canada… the UK… France… Australia… and the other countries around the world where my members live.

Once that 300 coach limit is reached, I'm reserving the right to pull the site down.

I may open it back up later on… but that could be months away, and I might decide to split the four videos up and sell them individually for a much higher price.

So you've gotta hurry. Go ahead and order it now, while it's fresh in your mind. You can start watching the videos this afternoon and have the new drills ready for your very next practice.

Just choose your preferred payment option by clicking on one of the buttons below.



 Yes Pat! Give me instant access to the "Sureshot Shooting" Training Program so I can discover the simple secrets to a high-powered basketball offense!

I understand that this is a $160.00 value, and it's mine today for only $69! (or 3 monthly payments of just $25)

I also understand that this program is backed by an incredible "can't lose" guarantee. I have 2 full months to use these tips and drills, and if my team isn't shooting 80% from the free throw line, 60% from the field, and 40% from the three point line, I can get a complete refund with no questions asked.

And I can still keep all the material for free!

That really makes it a no-brainer, so I'm going to order today while this offer is still available.

2 Convenient Payment Options:





Like I said, I'm backing this up with my own checkbook, and if you don't see the results I've promised I'll glady pay for the clinic myself.

And you still keep it as my gift to you for trying. You've got absolutely nothing to lose!


Coach Pat Anderson

PS - Okay, there's a lot of stuff you'll receive in this package, so let's go over it again to make sure we're all clear. Here's what you get when you order now:

1. "Sureshot Shooting: The Basics" ($40.00 value)
2. "Foul Shooting Fundamentals" ($40.00 value)
3. "3 Point Shooting Workout" ($40.00 value)
4. BONUS Video: "3 Point License" ($40.00 value)
5. 80/60/40 "Shoot The Lights Out" Guarantee (Priceless)
6. Instant Access Right Over Your Computer Screen

That's a $160.00 value - yours today for just $69 (or 3 monthly payments of $25).

And if your team doesn't shoot 80% from the line, 50% from the field, and 40% from three… you get your money back with no questions asked.

That's how incredibly effective these coaching tips are… and how confident I am that this system will work for you and your team. Click here to place your secure order now!