Desk of: Coach Pat Anderson

Pop Quiz...

Which of the following players has the biggest impact on your success as a team?

 a) A big, strong post player to control the paint and dominate the boards
 b) A smart, skilled point guard to direct the tempo and quarterback your team
 c) A highly athletic, slashing wing to penetrate off the dribble and finish on the break
 d) A lights-out shooter who's deadly accurate from any spot on the floor

The answer?

Well... for the vast majority of teams at the youth and high school level, your answer should definitely be (b).


The point guard is like an extension of the coach on the floor. He's responsible for controlling the flow of the game… and getting the ball to the right guys, at the right time, in the right spot on the floor.

He's gotta handle the ball well with both hands, break the press, penetrate into the lane… make the open shot… and guard the quickest player on the other team.

And he's gotta do it all with confidence, composure, and maturity.

It doesn't matter how dominant your "big man" is… how high your small forward can jump… or how many threes your best shooter can hit…

If you don't have a reliable, confident, and mentally tough kid running the point

Your Squad Is Dead In The Water!

But training an effective point guard is easier said than done. In fact, it's probably the toughest position to teach… especially if you've never played the point yourself.

That's why I'm so excited to present this killer online video clinic: "Point Guard Mastery." 

Inside, you'll discover 35 simple, proven, and wildly effective drills for ballhandling, passing, shooting, conditioning, and defense.

Imagine How GREAT It Will Feel To Have
100% Confidence In Your Point Guard's Abilities

No more shaky ballhandling or silly turnovers in the backcourt. Your guards will have the skill and confidence to slice through press breaks like a hot knife through butter… and push the ball upcourt for easy fast-break buckets.
No more stagnant offense or "forced" shots. Your plays will run smoother and more efficiently, with better spacing, better ball movement, and better quality shots.
No more stress, worry, or pulling out your hair. Your team will operate like a finely tuned machine, with your point guard executing exactly what you want on the floor, when you want it... without costly mistakes

It's not only possible, it's downright easy once you discover these simple secrets!

Your instructor is Joe Callero, 25 year coaching veteran… head coach at Division One Cal-Poly… and one of the country's most respected skill development "gurus."

Over the years, he's developed a reputation as a "turnaround" coach - a gifted motivator who's taken struggling programs and transformed them into powerhouses at every level from high school to the Pac 10.

Coach Callero has an incredible knack for breaking down complex basketball techniques into simple, progressive drills that are fun and easy to use in practice.

You'll love his high energy teaching style… and your players will love the challenge and variety of his unique drills.

Let's dive in and show you exactly what you'll learn.

Basic Ballhandling Drills

Above everything else, your point guard needs to be a competent ballhandler.

To help master the fundamentals, the opening segment covers basic ballhandling drills - with a focus on developing strength, coordination, body awareness, and confidence with both the strong hand and weak hand. You'll learn:

Weak Hand Speed, Weak Hand Power: Develops weak hand under game-speed conditions. Trains players to slow down, speed up, and change direction under defensive pressure.
Two Ball Dribbling Drill: Improves finger and wrist strength in both strong and weak hand. Maximizes reps in a short period of time.
Machine Gun Dribble Drill: Encourages the use of fingertips to keeps the dribble low and under control.
Figure 8 Dribble Drill: Improves body awareness while dribbling. Helps develop crossover and behind the back dribble moves.

Advanced Ballhandling Drills

From there, we move onto some more advanced techniques.

Coach Callero introduce some all-new, very unique "partner dribbling drills" (I guarantee you've never tried these before)… and shows you some simple ways to make your drills more game-like.

Two Man Four Ball Drill: A creative hand-eye coordination partner drill that will excite your players and make practice more fun.
Outside Inside Drill: Another challenging partner drill to improve hand-eye coordination.
Two Ball Speed/Power Drill: Strengthens the weak hand to make guards more versatile and dangerous off the dribble.
Hesitation Dribble Drill: Teaches the proper mechanics of the hesitation move - how to execute the hesitation without being called for "palming."
Pullback Crossover Drill: Teaches players to stop, pull back, crossover and blow past a defender. Very useful for evading traps in the back court!
Partner Push Pass Drill: Demonstrates the correct use of the "push pass" - a more accurate version of the chest pass.
Four Count Pivot Drill: Reinforces proper pivoting technique and footwork, while improving court awareness under defensive pressure.
Toss and Dribble Drill: Teaches guards to keep their heads up and see the court while handling the ball at game speed.
Whistle Drill: Develops quickness and agility, while training players to protect the ball in the open court.

Full Court Drills

Next up, we'll move onto some full court drills.

Each one is specifically designed to prepare your guards for a challenging game situation… from a full court man to man press… a full court zone press… finishing on the breakaway… or using screens to get past half court and initiate the offense.

Turn and Look Drill: Great press break drill that helps your guards get open under pressure, then advance the ball using a full court pass.
Wild Cat Drill: Competitive one on one drill - very effective for improving individual offensive and defensive skills in the open court.
Hash Mark Drill: Helps your guards keep their composure and navigate through full court pressure and trapping defenses.
30 Second Quarter Court Drill: Intense conditioning drill that trains your guards to handle the ball under suffocating defensive pressure, even when exhausted.
Wolf Drill: Teaches players to push the ball up court at a full speed sprint, then finish in the paint without slowing down.
Mid Court Screen Drill: Helps your guards learn to use on-ball screens to break a man to man press - great tactic for teams with average or below-average foot-speed in the backcourt.
Mid Court Give and Go: Creative technique for breaking the press using a back court give and go.

Post Passing Series

The fourth section of this online clinic covers one of the most important (yet often ignored) skills in the point guard's repertoire - entering the ball into the post.

Training your team to establish post position, and get the ball down into the block will immediately improve your offensive execution.

It forces the defense to contract down into the paint, freeing up your shooters around the perimeter. It gives you the opportunity for more high percentage shots close to the basket (instead of just playing "donut basketball.")

And it keeps your "big guys" involved in the offense, so they're more motivated to run the floor, rebound, and play hard on defense.

Here's what you'll learn:

Baseline Post Entry Pass: Teaches your guard how to enter the ball into the post when the defender is playing the high side.
Dribble Bounce Pass: Teaches your guard how to enter the ball into the post when the defender is playing the baseline side.
Lob Feed: Teaches your guard how to enter the ball when the defender is fronting the post.

Perimeter Passing Series

The next segment demonstrates four fun and effective drills to help your PG's read defenses and set up their teammates for open jumpshots and layups. Each drill can be run in a traditional half court environment, or as an "early offense" drill for your fast break.

Master these simple techniques and you'll see better ball movement, better spacing, better offensive flow... and more high percentage shots for your team!

Drive and Kick Spot Up: Teaches your guard how to force the defender to commit to the drive, then feed the open shooter in rhythm.
Drive and Kick Back Door: Teaches your guard how to "dribble out" the wing player, then hit him with a precise back door pass for a layup.
Drive and Kick Post Feed: If the back door's not open, the cutter continue through the lane, then establishes position for post up on the weak side.
Drive and Kick Flare: Teaches your guard how to penetrate into the lane, suck in the help defense then make a quick pass to a shooter on the perimeter.
Drive and Kick Vacuum: Similar to a flare pass, but the guard reverse pivots out to hit the shooter.

Shooting Series

The sixth segment of this online clinic covers two highly effective game situation shooting drills. This is NOT about mindless firing up jumpshots without any rhyme or reason.

It's about preparing your players for the intensity, pressure, and fatigue of a real game, and putting them into the exact positions on the floor where they're likely to get shots from inside your offense.

Here's what you'll learn:

Top of the Key Shooting Drill: Your guard comes across the lane, to practice four different game situation shots: catch and shoot, jab and shoot, reverse and shoot, fake and shoot
PG Shooting Drill: Incorporates a V-cut to get open, then four shots off the dribble from 15-20 foot range

Pick and Roll Series

The pick and roll is basketball's most reliable play… and the tactic of choice for Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade… and the majority of the NBA's best guards.

Why? It disrupts the defense by forcing them to switch match-ups, or scramble around the screen to catch the ballhandler.

Most times, the picker, dribbler, or a spot-up shooter will be wide open.

It's one of the most essential techniques a point guard needs to learn… and Coach Callero breaks it all down in step by step series that's easy for any coach to grasp. Here's what you'll learn:

Pick and Roll Passing: Inside Bounce Pass: Teaches your guard to deliver a pass into the paint with the inside hand
Pick and Roll Passing: Outside Bounce Pass: Teaches your guard to deliver a pass into the paint with the outside hand
Pick and Roll Passing: Pick and Stick: Teaches your guard to make a release pass after being double-teamed on the screen
Pick and Roll Passing: Rescreen: Teaches your guard to re-set, crossover, and use a second screen to attack the basket

That's just a quick summary of the 35 drills.

You'll also learn dozens of useful coaching tips and pointers to help implement these techniques with your players… correct mistakes… and get the fastest possible results in the least possible time!

The online clinic is 59 minutes long. Short enough to digest in one setting... yet long enough to explain all the drills in clear, step by step detail.

Oh... this is important.

It's Not Just For Point Guards!

Every one of these drills focuses on a fundamental skill that ALL your players need to learn... guards, forwards, and centers.

They ALL need to be comfortable handling the ball

... comfortable making passes under pressure

... comfortable shooting from mid-range

... and comfortable defending one on one.

So you'll get plenty of use out of these drills, even if you're not working directly with a PG.

Okay Pat! I'm In!
What's It Gonna Cost Me?

Far less than you'd assume.

Think of it this way. If you wanted to learn directly from Coach Callero, you'd have to trek out to his 4-day skill camp in California and dish out $195 to attend. Add in your travel, lodging, and food, and you're easily talking $400 or more.

But don't worry, this won't cost you anywhere close to that. Because we're bringing Coach Callero directly to you, right over your computer screen, for just $49 $35!

That's just one measly dollar for each one of these incredible drills. And you'll get a full season's worth of practice ideas you can use with your point guards, shooting guards, or any member of your team.

And it's not just for regular practices. All the drills can be done individually, or with a partner… so it's perfect for off-season workouts… basketball camps… or just working on your game in the driveway.

Best of all, you can start digging into this online clinic in just 90 seconds, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

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Yours for better basketball,


Coach Pat Anderson

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