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Introducing a new online video clinic from one of the premier defensive gurus in the NCAA - the University of South Alabama's Jeff Price.

He's racked up an impressive 318-188 overall record in 17 seasons, including eight trips to the post-season, and TWO coach of the year honors.

Coach Price’s is one of the best in the country at using full court pressure to change the tempo of the game, rattle his opponents, and force more turnovers.

Inside this amazing online clinic, you'll learn EXACTLY how to install and implement Coach Price's favorite full court pressure strategy... complete with step by step instructions, coaching tips, and simple breakdown drills.

Here's what the Diamond Pressing System will do for you and your team!

A Powerful Strategic Weapon

The Diamond Full Court Press gives you an easy "turn-key" strategy you can use whenever your team needs an extra edge.

Unleash the press when your team is down, and you need a quick rally to come from behind... or as a way to wear down an opponent... or a way to break open a close game.

You don't need any special skills or personnel. Anyone can do it!

Control the Tempo

This unique brand of full court pressure allows you to slow down or speed up the game at will. You can take your opponent away from their strengths, force them to take quick shots, and give your team a better chance to win... even against bigger, stronger, or more talented competition!

Force More Turnovers

The Diamond Press is guaranteed to produce more back-court turnovers, steals, and easy baskets for your team.

It's designed to spring devastating double-teams on the most vulnerable areas of the court, rattling your opponents to the core, and forcing them to make poor decisions with the ball.

The Result: they'll throw up lame-duck, hail mary passes you'll easily intercept... they'll travel and double dribble with the ball... and they'll get stuck in the back-court for 10-second violations. And your squad will feast on a steady diet of easy baskets in transition!

Improve Your Conditioning

Training your kids to play an up-tempo, full-court style of play will immediately improve their endurance, speed, and agility on the court.

You'll be able to play harder, longer, and more effectively than your opponents - especially in the fourth quarter of key games.

Have More Fun With Your Team

Basketball players of all ages LOVE to press. It's a more intense, more rewarding, and more enjoyable way to compete. Not just for the players, but for the coaches, parents, and fans too!

You'll attract better athletes into your program, and they'll have an absolute BLAST playing for your team.

Get Everyone Involved

The Diamond Press gives you an excellent way to get every player engaged, involved, and contributing to the team.

The intense style of play allows you to go deeper into your bench... develop more players for your program... and give significant playing time to EVERY kid on your team.

(Finally! No more parents on your back with playing time questions!)

Best Of All... It's Simple, Easy And Fun To Learn!

The online clinic is jam-packed with specific tips and coaching pointers to help you learn the press and start using it with your team right away.

Everything is demonstrated on-court by real players, and explained in detail with step by step instructions and breakdown drills.

So whether you're brand new to coaching... or a seasoned pro... you can have this down cold in just one viewing.

The entire clinic is delivered online, right over your computer screen, so you can access it immediately after your secure order is processed.

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, or download them to your computer to watch any time!

PLUS, if you order today, I'll also throw in an additional mini-clinic covering the 2-2-1 Box Press, the perfect complement to your Diamond Pressing System...


Your investment for the entire package - the Diamond Pressing System, plus the 2-2-1 Box - is just $39.95 $29.

Even better, your investment is completely covered by my 60 Day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
If you're not completely happy with this resource for any reason (or no reason at all), just contact me and I'll cheerfully refund your full payment with no questions asked.
And, you can still keep all the material as my gift to you for trying.
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